Paul WeberPaul Weber,
Sales Representative
What clients are saying about Paul

Joining the Phinney Team was simple.....a great opportunity to work with the best team in Canada!
So what does it mean to be the best? Is it about having the highest sales? Is it about selling the most homes? I believe it is about having integrity, it is about having determination, it is about having drive, it is about teamwork, it is about having passion for customer service, it is about creating magic moments and yes, it is also about having great results too. 
I have come to the Loretta Phinney Team with an extensive background in Sales and Marketing and within this experience, I have always strived to be the best, continued to look at my experiences and always find new ways to improve. 
My career in Sales began in the fashion retail industry where I spent over 15 years collectively in senior level management positions with the Aldo Group and Holt Renfrew & Co. For another 7 years I worked as a senior level Account Director for IC Group within the world of Digital Marketing where my role was primarily sales and client management for a vast array of clients who included large, global, multi-million dollar corporations and smaller entrepreneurial businesses. In addition to my sales experience, I spent many years as young adult assisting my father on numerous home construction projects and even owned and operated my own reno/painting business while a student. With a father who is a contractor, a sister who is designer and a father-in-law who is an architect, I am surrounded by the renovation industry and can offer clients unique insights into their home purchase experience. 
As a REALTOR®, my goal in working with all my clients is to go the extra mile, put a smile on their faces and exceed their expectations!! I am thoroughly looking forward to serving you, my new clients in the near future.