By: Andrew and Shehnila
"When we first met Anna, we knew in a heart beat that she was the one we wanted to work with!

She was professional from the time she walked into our house. Took the time to go over the process. For the first time ever we felt like an agent is on our side and not just out to make a sale.

She responded to our queries in a timely manner- always prompt, polite language and always made us feel like million dollar customers eventhough we started out with a budget (due to our lack of experience )which wasn't realistic for the economy that we were in. Her words of encouragements were market is changing and you never know what we may find. However, she gave her professional opinion of what to expect in the range we were initially expecting to make a purchase but never asked us to give up on what we were looking for in a house.

She told us we can go in steps to get to where we want! What I am trying to say is she listened. She took the time to understand our emotions and worked with what was available in the market.

In the past, we have worked closely with two agents and interviewed two more after that. So a total of 4. Our experiences with those agents were dreadful as we were lied to, pressurized into buying with some really bad investments they wanted us to get into. In short, before meeting Anna we had our share of agents who were not working for the clients but for themselves.

My husband and I instantly liked Anna because of her patience, the positive and professional mannerism that she exuberated. Now coming to the point of seeing houses and making a decision. What my husband and I really liked and appreciated but also loved about Anna is how honest and patient she was with us. After showing the houses she never pressurized us into making a decision. I believe that made a huge impact on us as we could focus on what we wanted rather than dealing with an agent who is trying to push for a sale as we have so often experienced in the past.

She took the time to understand what we liked in each house and made sure we understood what we were getting into and not just settle for something we didn't love.
These were my exact words to her ' Anna I have never lived in a used house before so I don't think I will ever love the place but I will be ok'.

To that her sincere response was ' Shehnila you have to tell me that you love the place. There could be minor modifications that you would make but in the end you need to be happy in the house you live in. I won't be happy selling you a place knowing that you are not happy'. Then she further encouraged me by saying 'You will be surprised that you will find the one you love in a lived-in place' I believed her when she said that and bingo!

We found a place which we bought yesterday as our starter home in which we are excited to begin our next chapter of life!
We could've have asked for a better agent, who is a people's person, patient, honest and outright courteous. You have a star of an agent amongst your team and a true gem!!

My husband and I are very happy with Anna who we hope to think of as our friend going forward!

Thank you once again for making this journey such a memorable one. Anna will be the only one we would like to deal with for any of our future business :)"

By: Andrew Coffa

Anna has been great to work with and made the whole process of  searching and purchasing my first home easy and a pleasant experience. Being the first time ?looking for a home, she was patient with me and was always able to provide details and also some tips on what to look out for.
Even with my busy schedule, she was always able to schedule an open house. And if I wasn't able to meet with her, we were always able to docu-sign forms and email back to her. 

By: Cosimo and Jasmina Coffa

My wife and I have had many Real Estate agents over the years but none matched the calibre of Anna Taciak. Just under 2 years ago, Anna found our dream home. I have to say that we were looking for a specific type of home in a specific neighbourhood and we new it wouldn't be an easy task. But Anna was diligent and persistent and found EXACTLY what we wanted.

Anna Taciak is an absolute pleasure to work with. We are once again, very satisfied customers. Just a week ago or so, Anna found the perfect home for my son and at a great purchase price in downtown Mississauga! Anna Taciak goes above and beyond to ensure she understands exactly what her clients are looking for. More importantly, she takes the time to gather all the market trends, history of what comparable properties have sold for in the area of interest where her clients are considering, and does an excellent job making the complicated seem very simple and easy to understand. This approach truly lowers the stress levels in the whole "Selling and Buying" process and makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Anna's professional manner,  very warm and friendly demeanor make it an absolute pleasure to work with. This is why I have entrusted Anna to represent not only my personal Real Estate needs but also my son, many of my family members and close friends.

I would highly recommend Anna Taciak to any one who is looking to purchase any type of residential property. If you want a Real Estate Agent that is professional,  knowledgeable, patient, reliable, honest, Anna Taciak is the agent of choice.

By: Marguerite & Chris L.

For us, what is unique about Anna Taciak ? Is her honesty and integrity. She has stuck with us through renting, purchasing and selling our first home and she has always steered us in the right direction with straightforward and informed guidance. She is a resourceful and committed agent who advocates for her clients. We feel so lucky that she is our agent and our friend and would highly recommend her. If you want a real estate agent that you can entirely trust, choose Anna.