By: Barb (and John, Abby, & Sadie) H.
Thank you, Case and Jolene! Woohoo we did it! You guys all worked so hard (Kyle too) to get our house sold in a flash! A week on the the market from start to finish, amazing :). When we knew we had to sell our house, there wasn''t any hesitation on our part to contact you again, Case. You and your team know and do your jobs well, and you were always available. We never once felt out of the loop, and you always made us feel at ease during the process. Jolene you did an amazing job staging our home! Do you want to come decorate our new home? Someday I''m sure Jolene will have kids just the same as our girls. Kids are the product of their parents and the environment in which they are nurtured daily. I could see a young lady of great character and heart in Jolene all the way back in grade 6 when our paths first crossed ??. We make an effort to surround the girls with people who can pour goodness into them, Jolene will do the same, I know it! We appreciate your whole team Case, and how over the years you kept in touch, even when Abby was born you stopped by! And the movies every year etc. You''re one in a million for sure! What will we do without you in NB?! With Heartfelt Appreciation,