Your Moving Day

By: Loretta Phinney

Your Moving Day

Tags: When the day is done, you can truly make yourself at home!



Before you move any boxes, check these boxes:



Download checklist PDF here.


 Create an instant visual inventory of your precious possessions with an app like  Sortly.
 Book a massage appointment for the day after your move.  
Buy a bottle of bubbly to celebrate after the last box comes off the truck.


The fine print:



Download checklist PDF here.

 Check your insurance or credit card policy to ensure they cover moving truck rentals.
 Check the neighbourhood rules for overnight parking and permit requirements.
Find out when your curbside garbage and recycling collection day is–and the limitations.
 Double-check that the previous owners have remembered to leave behind garage door openers, gas fireplace and ceiling fan remotes.


The essential checklist



Download checklist PDF here.


 Allen key
 Cordless drill (and charged batteries)
 X-ACTO knife
 Gripper gloves
 Tarp (especially if it’s raining)
 Toilet paper, paper towels
 Hand sanitizer, soap, hand towel
 Cleaning products, rubber gloves




You must label your boxes by room; otherwise, your helpful friends will put all your books in the kitchen and your panini maker in the en-suite. Send your plants, pets and valuables in a separate vehicle. Focus on cleaning bathrooms first and then hit the kitchen. Try to mop or vacuum before the big furniture arrives and prioritize setting up your bedroom, so you have somewhere to collapse at day’s end. To prevent the house from resembling a cardboard fort, delegate concrete tasks!

Get your tech-savvy pal to set up your TV and sound system.
Draw straws for someone to do bathroom detail.
Assign an Allen-key wizard to set up your bed and assemble bookshelves.
If dishes have been wrapped in newspaper, have someone wash and shelve them.
Ask someone to walk an anxious dog or direct box traffic to the appropriate room.


A moving menu


 Fill a cooler with energy drinks, water and beer (if you want your help to be enthusiastic).
Have quickly-inhaled snacks at the ready, like bananas, yogurt, granola bars and trail mix.
 Set up a DIY substation with buns, sliced meat, cheese, pickles and a few squeezable condiments.
 Pizza is always king on moving day but if you want to go fancier for your crew, pick up a deli chicken, a baguette, and a few sides.
If your propane tank is full, throw sausages or burgers on the grill and have your very first backyard BBQ. Invite your neighbours!