What’s Your Design Style?

By: Loretta Phinney

What’s Your Design Style?


Q1. What is your ideal romantic outing?


Choice between a) a cobblestone street, b) a wooden dock, c) a fancy dinner table


a) A stroll down a cobblestone street on a warm summer’s evening
b) Sitting on a wooden dock, watching the sunset over the water
c) A fancy dinner out, drinks at an upscale cocktail club, then dancing until dawn


Q2. Your date is cooking up a romantic meal. What dish is the quickest way to your heart?


Choice between a) pizza, b) Quiche c) Duck à l'orange


a) Pizza
b) Quiche
c) Duck à l’orange


Q3. Is your décor style more:


Choice between a) old world charm living room, b) Down-to-earth and cozy living room c) Extravagant and showy living room


a) Functional and family-friendly with some old world charm?
b) Down-to-earth and cozy?
c) Extravagant and showy?


Q4. What are the materials most used in your home?


Choice between furnishings made of different materials


a) Neutral walls, dark wooden furniture and tiles
b) Leather, felt, wool and wood
c) Velvet, silk, ivory, and rare and precious materials


Q5. What are your favourite colours when it comes to decorating your home?


Choice between a) a neutral colour palate, b) a natural colour palate, c) a rich and bright colour palate


a) Neutral – like beige and brown
b) Natural – like mustards, olives, greys and rusts
c) Rich and bright – like coral, teal, gold, and purple


Q6. Last but not least, pick a chair!


Choice between a) a vintage armchair, b) a leather armchair, c) a blue suede armchair


a) Neutral – with floral / decorative pattern
b) Natural – brown leather and very comfy
c) Rich and bright – or unusual in shape but still fabulous



Mostly A’s: Your design style is Tuscan. Your furniture selection is understated with old school charm and you’re likely to welcome guests with a glass of Chianti and a window view of your colourful garden filled with blossoms and geraniums.


Mostly B’s: Your design style is Rustic. You likely prefer a more cozy, natural environment, filled with natural materials such as wool blankets, wood tables, and worn leather furniture. . In the summertime, you spend most of your time hanging by the lake, telling stories around a campfire with close friends.


Mostly C’s: Your design style is Art Deco. You surround yourself in luxury and love to live in showy splendour. On a Saturday night, you can be found hosting fabulous people over martinis and canapés while hotly debating the latest hot topic.

Source: realtor.ca, Nicole Pomeroy