Oakville's Art Therapy Program Improves Mental Health

By: Loretta Phinney Team

Oakville's Art Therapy Program Improves Mental Health

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Last week we wrote about the success that the local “Art from the Heart” exhibit was having as it moved into its 7th year of hosting a gallery to display the work of adults with special needs. This program and exhibit is made possible in part through the funding assistance received from Oakville’s cultural grants.

Similarly, art therapy is experiencing success at the Oakville Galleries’ newly established “Art-ish” program with the help of a $63,800 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Art-ish is a therapy program for youth living with mental illness delivered at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH).

The Oakville Galleries have been wanting to pursue a form of art therapy program for Halton Healthcare, and with the help of this Trillium Foundation grant it was finally made possible.

Each week professional art instructors and art therapists deliver hands-on classes at different Halton Healthcare locations to youth in the mental health programs with the support of the clinical staff.

Earlier this month Art-ish was recognized in a ceremony at OTMH for its success in bringing valuable therapy to youth struggling with mental illness in the Halton community.

It is great to see that Oakville Hospital is integrating art therapy into a progressive suite of programming. Another reason why Oakville is a great community.